going to go see this tomorrow maybe

at least school has a batch I can use for NY


Herbert List
GREECE. Athens. National Museum. Statues retrieved by fishermen near the island of Antikythera. 1937. 

spends all afternoon in bed


Winston Chmielinski
Low To The Ground, 2013
Fritz Henle - Nieves, Model of Diego Rivera, 1943

1872 - Claude Monet // Lilacs in the sun

Titan aka the Mermaid Moon

Fred Sandback, born today in 1943, used linear outlines (here, made with yarn) to create sculpture. 
[Fred Sandback. Untitled. 1967]

Mural in Asilah, Morocco

Mood: the end dialog of Blame Game (feat. John Legend)


Medusa sculpture by Javier Marin

I can’t wait for my dad to get turnt up tomorrow night